PVA Developments were the developers for a Victorian house renovation in Dulwich recently – a tricky project with an unusual design brief, we find out how it went

Housing and development projects these days vary in size, task and skill; in this day and age, the demand and requirement from clients has evolved from straightforward loft conversions and extensions to full house re-designs and complete renovations. The change in tact has come from an ever expanding property market, but mainly from inspiration of seeing what others do with their homes. TV shows such as Grand Designs have influenced style and space changes that, in principle, seem perfect, but in reality, take a lot of work and patience to arrive at the end goal.

PVA Developments have followed this trend of project change; starting up 6 years ago, they became specialists in the modest market of lofts, extensions and conservative tweaks to homes in the South West London area. Like every business, there comes a time to diversify and take on new, exciting challenges. One of their latest projects saw Vitas and his team handle a commercial to residential conversion in Wimbledon Village – a project that had all the hallmarks of intelligent planning and logical thinking. Now, they are looking at a project that takes PVA Developments out of their local market, spreading their wings in South East London.

‘The Dulwich house project was of extreme interest to us as it was an unusual project’ Vitas tells us, ‘A two story rear and side extension – you can see from the design that it was a challenge’. The ground floor was built with traditional masonry, and the first floor was a timber frame construction, counter-levering over the ground floor on a steel frame, with a timber slat cladding finish. ‘It was a different style of project for us compared to previous and we felt a real motivation to get the end result exactly as the client wanted’

There had to be a lot of cooperation and a strong relationship with the architect, Darren Oldfield – ‘During the job, we established a very good line of communication with the architect, the intricacies and brief required an open dialogue and constant teamwork’ Vitas says ‘We worked so well that we are looking at other interesting projects in the area’.

There was one key difference with this project compared to others; the client and his family bravely lived in and amongst the ongoing work. ‘We had to be sensitive towards the client and his family, whilst ensuring we delivered an end project that was exactly their vision, we had to also ensure that we minimised disturbance to their everyday life and comfort’ Vitas explains ‘We established a strong relationship with Guy Lockwood and his family and they were excellent in accommodating our work, allowing us to work round each other’

Despite some small design delays on the project, it was completed on time and on budget with no issues at all. PVA fulfilled their scheduling promises and added another impressive project to their portfolio. The client was very happy, and will now be working as a photographer on some of PVA Developments upcoming projects!