We embarked on a 12 month total refurbishment of our house in Putney – this included major structural work and the contract was put out to tender to 5 firms. Whilst PVAD were not the cheapest their quote was the most detailed and their level of enquiry and work and effort around the tender gave us confidence that their quote would be near to the reality. The good news is it was – the project took marginally longer but from a price perspective was where we all thought it would be from the outset. We had an excellent onsite manager , Russlyn, who co-ordinated everything extremely efficiently. There were no nasty surprises and the work ethic from all the PVAD guys was excellent. They had a very large team working on our property and whenever we turned up unexpected they were always working hard. The standard of finishing was extremely good and the attention to detail very high.  Post completion there have been a few niggles and PVAD have had no hesitation to send people round at short notice to get things fixed. I have huge confidence in these guys and know that our architect and project manager feel the same.  You hear many horror stories out there but I would have no hesitation in recommending these guys.